On this glorious Friday the Thirteenth, I take a stand and freely admit that I love Jason X.  Is it quality cinema?  No.  Is it a piece of crap?  Well, kinda, yeah.  Is is a super fun way to spend 90 minutes while drinking home made brew on a hot Friday the 13th evening?  You bet.

It may not be on par with the early works of F13.  It has a ridiculous concept that simply screams “Look at me!  I’ve been ignored for years so please look at me!”  It’s Jason in space, for f*#k’s sake!

So what?  Jason X delivers because it doesn’t take itself seriously…at all.  No really,  I don’t think it’s possible to take yourself seriously with a half-cyborg Jason on a spaceship stalking a bunch of college kids (and a healthy dose of stereotypical grunt space marines conveniently plucked from Aliens), so I thank New Line for not even trying.  What they do deliver is some pretty cool kills (nitrogen to the face, anyone?) and an opportunity to watch Jason smash some camper-filled sleeping bags once again.

Does it get any better? of course.  Will I watch it over and over?  Yup, and not just because I bought the damn DVD.  I’ll watch it again because it’s fun, even after all the times as I’ve seen it (and all the other F13s, for that matter).

It’s fun.  Isn’t that what it’s all about?

Happy F13!