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Saturday was a great day, spending time with members of the Post Mortem Press family and meeting new people at AnthoCon.  It was really cool to hang out and talk about reading, writing, and random topics ranging from day jobs to furries to Ween.  Three of us also got to read from our recently released novels, which is always a cool thing.

That’s a lot of facial hair…

Nicholas Conley read from his novel The Cage Legacy:
Who is Ethan Cage?
Is he just a troubled 17-year-old high school student? A quiet, intelligent kid with a bad home life? Or is he a shattered human being, a boy who lost his faith in the world when he discovered that his loving father was secretly a psychotic serial killer?
As Ethan’s world suddenly spirals out of control, he must confront the reality of his dark past and finally make the decision that will either define his life – or cut it short prematurely.

I read from my novel Stripped:

From her hiding spot under the dirty motel room bed, she watched him die…
Imprisoned in a remote house in the deep woods, Paula escapes only to finds herself at Cappy’s Joint, an out-of-the-way strip club where the dancers work to pay off family debts and are forced to live in near inhuman conditions.
Stripped of her freedom, dignity, and nearly her life, Paula must face her past before she can reclaim her future.

And TL Barrett read from his novel The Wardmaster:
In the world of Vanaheim, just an incantation or a lucky stone’s throw from our own, the Stregoi, or witch breed, hide themselves in fear of being consumed body and soul by the Twisted Ones. In this epic dark fantasy, one of the gifted, Dr. Jack Nicodemus Ween, the last of the Wardmasters, carnival soothsayer, and widower must face inner and outer demons alike as he protects a child who may be the last great hope for all the nine worlds.
The Twisted Ones, bloated with centuries of feeding, search tirelessly…
Necromancers and their rotting minions beset the land once thought fairest of all…
Yet, within an ancient tomb, a psychic warrior shifts in his thousand-year sleep and begins to stir…

Speaking of PMP, I thought I’d take this opportunity to share a bit about what I’m reading.  I just finished Edward J McFadden’s The Black Death of Babylon.  I absolutely loved it, and even though I’m not exactly great at writing reviews I left one at Goodreads if you want to check it out.  I’ve just started Dane Hatchell’s Resurrection X: Zombie Evolution.  I haven’t gotten far enough to comment other than it has a really cool premise and a great blurb from multiple Bram Stoker winner Jonathan Maberry.

Now with all this talk about the awesomeness that is PMP, you may be thinking I’m a bit biased.  Don’t be silly…of course I am!

I just love this image…

Still, that doesn’t mean I’m shunning the rest of the literary world.  Since I always have three books going at once and a “to read” list a mile long, I’ll share some others.  My current e-book is Resurrection X (see above) and my current paper book is Graham Thomas’ Malice in the Highlands.  I’ve never read a mystery and have always wondered if it really is like playing Clue.  Turns out, it kind of is.  Someone dies, everyone looks guilty, and as soon as the leads run out you learn about some new character that was hiding drunk in a cabin or something.  There’s even a butler, although I seriously doubt he did it.  That’s not to say I’m not enjoying this immensely, because I am, and I’m almost done (unless the butler actually did it, then I’ll be ranting next week).

So my next “to read” paperback is the thriller Restitution by Tracy L. Carbone.  I picked up a copy while at AnthoCon because I’ve read quite a few of her short stories and absolutely loved them.  My next “to read” e-book is World’s Collider.  It’s a shared world anthology that I picked up a few weeks back and then met contributor Richard Wright at AnthoCon.  He was super cool to talk with, so I pushed the book to the top of my Kindle list.  There’s just something about a human connection, you know?  Truth is, I was really looking forward to reading it anyway, because I’m a sucker for a theme anthology, and you can’t get much more themed than a shared world.

What’s that?  Oh, the third book.  Right.  Well, I always have a nonfiction book going as well.  I read a little here, a little there…mostly for sanity.  Currently I’m reading Unknown Waters by Alfred McLaren.  It’s a really cool book that sheds some light on early Cold War-era Arctic Ocean exploration.  If you’re not a fan of military history you might find it dry, but I’m a big fan myself.

Well, it’s back to writing for me.  Since NaNoWriMo went from Go to No before it really got started, I figure I should go back to projects that are much farther along…like the submarine novel I’ve been working on for a while now.  I have a new goal: fucking finish it by the end of the year.  This is totally doable, so I’m on it.  After that, maybe I should finish last year’s NaNo project.  No balls to finish a few WIPs before starting something new, eh?  (or is it WsIP? hmm…)

Anyway, until next time…

C’mon, you knew he had to be here somewhere…