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Hello People of the Page!

I know with the crazy holiday season and the snow and the cold and the crazy fighting over the last pink furby and the excessive bourbon drinking and…well, you get it.

You know you want some...

You know you want some…

Because of all this I have been slacking a bit on my blog (but have no fear; I have been writing my little tail off).  To (hopefully) compensate, you will be excited (or not) to learn that I have two posts for this week!



The post I’ve been working on will come on the 1st.  I get to tell you why I think New Year’s resolutions are bullshit.  For today’s post, I’m kind of cheating a little bit.

No, not like that...

No, not like that…

Today I’d like to share a few posts the very awesome Dan O’Brian hosted on his website aptly named  The Dan O’Brian Project.  He’s a writer and editor at Empirical Magazine, so you should check him out when you have a minute.

He was good enough to host the following:

An interview with yours truly (please note that this interview actually took place before I answered my Next Big Thing, so that has more up to date information on my upcoming bigfoot-related project.

A character interview featuring Paula and Diamond of my novel Stripped.  This character interview took place after the events of the book but does not give away any of the juicy details.

And a guest blog by me about my thoughts on violence in fiction.  Warning: this is a bit of a soapbox moment…

I hope you enjoy reading these guest posts, and I hope you spend a little time checking out Dan’s site and some of his work.  I know I appreciate him hosting a little bit about me!

And oh yeah, he used my first name.  Yes, it’s Gene.  The “g” in g. Elmer Munson does not stand for gangster.

Say hello to my carbon freezing unit.

See you on the 1st!