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Greetings friends of the internet!

This week is a follow up to last week’s post about annual goals. I figure if I share this year’s goals with the entirety of cyberspace then I may be more inclined to follow a little closer than last year… not that they were unrealistic for 2012, but because of multiple issues that had nothing to do with writing caused me to miss a few goals. Thankfully, the big one… Stripped in print… was met.

Stripped Cover

And it’s dead sexy, too…

Along with that, I met another major goal, which was getting the Bigfoot novella out to beta. I almost made my goal of finishing the first draft of my submarine novel, but I’m not far off so I’m OK with that. On my other goals, not so much.  In particular, I really slacked in the short story realm. Not much action there at all. Had a few ideas, wrote a few drafts, but not a single new pub this year. In my defense, I worked mostly on longer works, which is why you’ll see “finish first draft of…” twice in the below list.  Pitiful, I know. I should fix that…

2012 fail

So for the new year, I have some lofty goals… Starting with this: finish the damn first draft on the submarine novel. As some of you know, I spent a good number if years in the US submarine service. On one of my last deployments, I had an idea that I sketched down in a green book and tucked it away for safe keeping. That was 2008.

What took me so long? Lots of practice writing to get better, then Stripped happened unexpectedly. After that, the bigfoot story grew from a short to a novella without me realizing it. Now here I am, hopefully on track to finish the first draft of the submarine book by the end on January. The bitch is there’s like 30 characters, but thankfully I’m really digging it.  Editing may suck though…just sayin’. The rest of the year is sketched out in chunks that will need to be fluid as things change, but here is the major timeline:

  • finish submarine novel (end of january)
  • edit stories for shorts volume 1 and get to editor (end of february)
  • finish artwork for above stories (end of february)
  • review beta feedback and final edit bigfoot novella for submission (end of march)
  • format and publish shorts volume 1 (end of april)
  • finish first draft of either the grandma’s house novel or the afterlife novel (figure out which one) (end of august)
  • edit navy novel (2 edits and ready for beta) (end of october)
  • select/edit stories for shorts volume 2 and get to editor (end of november)
  • finish artwork for above stories (end of november)
  • get to work on first draft of grandma’s house of afterlife novel (whichever is left) (into 2014)

Yeah, I know. With kids and a full time job (sometimes more than full time) that’s a pretty full year. On top of that, I plan to fully utilize my Duotrope subscription (not that I didn’t use it when it was free, but since I paid for it I’d better use the balls out of it…). That means going back to shorts that are just in draft form as well as writing down some new ideas I’ve recently sketched out. On my white board I’ve got fourteen of them.  Say it with me now:  get hot, bitch…

Am I going to meet all these goals? Probably not, but am I going to be writing my ass off this year?

You bet. Starting right now…