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Let’s talk reviews. Specifically, book reviews. You love them, don’t you? Well why wouldn’t you? They give you insight on a potential read.  They give you an indication as to whether you’d like to read it or not.  They show that someone not only took the time to read the story, they thought enough to share with potential readers how much they enjoyed it (or didn’t…and that can be helpful as well).

If you’re Facebook friends with me, you must have noticed I’ve spent a bit of time sharing new releases, Amazon freebies, and other tidbits from authors I either know or whose work I respect and enjoy.  I usually don’t throw in the “please leave a review” but it really would be an awesome to do, especially if you downloaded any of the free promotions.  For those of you who don’t know why a book would be free for a few days, it’s in the hopes that a few positive reviews will come out of it.  Positive reviews help the book’s sales and also inspires the author to write more.  After all, what could be a better incentive than someone asking “When can I buy your next book?”.

Now before you think I’m trying to insult your intelligence, let’s point out the obvious:  I’m a writer, and writers love reviews.  However, this post is not a thinly veiled attempt at me begging for more.  I’m being absolutely sincere.  I recommend leaving a review for something you’ve read because it really does make a difference.  I admit I never used to, but I do now.

Why?  Because it took me a while to realize the value of a review.  Little by little, I started to notice that reviews drive just about everything.  It really sunk in when I was searching for something completely unrelated to books.  I was looking for a microscope for my daughter’s upcoming birthday.  It took me a few minutes to realize I was subconsciously ignoring the ones with only one or two stars and focusing on the fours and fives.  Reviews on Toys R Us drove my sale.  Go figure.

For the record, I got her this one...

For the record, I got her this one…its purple!

Now when I finish a book, I leave a review.  The sad part is I don’t get to read nearly as much as I used to.  With countless short stories, novellas, and novels in various stage of progress, a couple kids with more energy than that damn bunny, and a job that better exemplifies hell than employment…I have precious little time.

But I try.  Because I’m a writer, and writers do two things if they want to continue writing. They read and they write, and I don’t ever want to stop writing.

So what’s on deck for me to review?  Well, I just finished this:


And I’m almost done this:


This one is about halfway through (and it’s damn HUGE!):


And I’m also about to start this:

the barn

Guess I better get to it.  Happy reading!