Welcome, fine friends of the interwebs!  April 15th has passed, and for me that means another round of quarterly reports for my day job = DONE.  After a few celebratory brews, I thought I might apply the same idea to my annual writing goals.  With that in mind, here is my:


Goal:  Finish the first draft of the submarine novel by the end of January

Status:  Totally done.  Thanks to the good folks in the 1 hour & 1,000 words sprinting group, I kicked this one well ahead of schedule.  It’s currently marinating and I plan to get back to it after the first draft of my next novel (see below).

Goal: Edit stories for volume 1 and get them to editor by end of February

Status: Well…I’d give this one a 50%.  I’ve gone back to many of my earlier published short stories for polishing, but I have to admit that some of them I’m not comfortable with.  Yes, they were published in the past, but I still feel like I’m polishing a turd.  I figure if there’s more red on the page than black, it may be better to retire that particular story.  Others will get a significant rewrite and then I’ll go from there.  I’m just not willing to put out something questionable and then ask people to pay for it.  Not happening…

Goal: Finish sketches for above stories by end of February

Status: See above.  The plan is to have a little sketch/photo/some form of artwork for each story.  I have a few sketched out, but they’re nothing special since I’ve been more concerned with the stories.  I don’t think anyone would fault me for that.  Besides, I’m not an artist, although I once played one on TV…no, not really.

Mad Skills...

Mad Skills…

Goal: Review beta feedback and final edit Camp Hollybrook for submission by end of March

Status: Almost there.  I think I would have been done on time, but based on beta feedback I’ve made some significant changes (including adding a new character and moving 30-some pages around while trying to keep continuity…it’s VERY fun).  My goal is actually to have it done by the end of the day, and I think i’m on track to make that happen.  A final read-through this weekend and I’ll have the envious task of writing query letters.  I’m looking forward to getting this one out.

Yeah, that rundown shack in the middle of the woods looks TOTALLY legit.  Let’s check it out!

Yeah, that rundown shack in the middle of the woods looks TOTALLY legit. Let’s check it out!

I also had a random goal of getting more work done on the 20 or so short stories that are at various stages of editing.  There are quite a few first drafts that need a lot of work and a couple that were/are on deadline, so I’m kicking them in the pants as well.  One new story has been edited, polished, and sent out into the great beyond, now I have another that I’ll be starting tomorrow.  There’s lots to do, but if you don’t try then you already know how far you’ll get.

Those are the only goals I had for Q1.  Not too bad, I think.  No, I didn’t meet them all, but if you read my thoughts on annual goals back in January you know I don’t really care.  Well, of course I care, but I also know nothing is set in stone, and everything is subject to change.  As an example, here’s a little look into the future:  I’m already changing my Q2 goals.  Why?  Because I’m planning to start work on my next novel by the end of this month.

Of course, this is all provided I can choose between the conflicting stories in my head (because they just won’t leave and I’m running out of space).  I may need a chisel…