Ever wonder where unfinished stories go? Lindsey Goddard at Author Interview Corner asked a group of authors to share their thoughts…including your humble host.

Author Interview Corner

It’s time for a special theme here at Author Interview Corner. Below you will see several different authors answer one central question. Maybe you can compare their responses and learn something from them, or maybe you’re just reading this for fun. Either way, I’ve asked these writers: Do you have any unfinished stories?

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When it comes to unfinished stories, I have a folder full of them on my computer. Some of the stories are a few pages long and others were just an idea that may have spawned a few paragraphs but never lead to anything more than that. My brain is always throwing possible story ideas at me, and while I try to get to all of them, most end up in my “Brain Dump” file.

The one unfinished story on my desktop that taunts me is the zombie…

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