Holy crap. Quarter 3 snuck past without my even noticing. Well, at least not until today, which is only a couple days late so I can live with that. Without further ado, here is my Quarter 3 Authorly Report:

Considering I had taken the month of August off from my day job, I had a whole set of “bonus” goals that were already discussed. To keep things simple, I’ll ignore those and just stick with the annual goals list. You can always go back and read the August ones if you missed them

Goal: finish first draft of either the grandma’s house novel or the afterlife novel (figure out which one) (end of August)

Status: Well…I have yet to work on either of these. They’re both still floating around in the old grey matter, but they just don’t seem to want to come out yet. Instead, I’ve been working on a lot of short stories (see the August link above) and have started working on Return to Camp Hollybrook. I know, I know…Camp Hollybrook hasn’t even been published yet. Still, I had an idea, and I absolutely love it so I had to start writing things down. Funny how these things happen.

Goal: edit navy novel (2 edits and ready for beta) (end of October)

Status: Yes…and no. I have, in fact, completed 2 edits on the navy novel. However, I’m working on another edit because I keep making changes. I’m keeping this as a solid annual goal, so I am really working to have it done by end of December. That may sound like a lot of time, but it really isn’t. I should probably get hot, huh?

Well that’s it for the third quarter. I kind of feel like I was slacking when I wrote this list, but since I didn’t fully meet the goals I guess not. I did work on other things, though:

A goal that wasn’t included in the annual goals is to finish Volume 3-Z and prep the print version of volumes 1-3 combined. I actually just got the edited copy back yesterday and am working right now on final changes (well, not right now–right now I’m writing this). I suspect this will see daylight around the end of the month or early November, just in time for the print version. My plan is to have copies on hand at Anthocon next month.

Of course, I also got a lot done during August. I’ll mention that again since it makes me feel less like a slacker. That’s all for Q3. Since it was so short, how about some:


Q: So since you wrote a backstory for Phil, does that mean you’ll be writing stories for other Stripped characters?

A: Good question. Years ago I read a few books called Tales from the Mos Eisley CantinaTales from Jabba’s Palace, and Tales of the Bounty Hunters (yes, my inner geek is showing). The books are all about the random characters you see in the background (or some, like Boba Fett, not so much in the background). You know what? I loved those books. Does that mean a book about the backstories of Stripped characters would be as cool? Probably not. Sadly, I think I would enjoy writing it a lot more than folks would enjoy reading it. I’ll stand by my original comment that I’m keeping the Phil story as a one-off for now.

Of course, after writing about them, I wanted to read them again...and I found a couple extra that must have been so good taht I forgot I had them...

Of course, after writing about them, I wanted to read them again…and I found a couple extra that must have been so good that I forgot I had them…

Q: Democrat or Republican?

A: Fuck that. I’m not answering that. Why? It’s not because I’m ashamed to admit my political views, it’s because once I post in here many will interpret it as I HATE HALF OF THE USA. If you know me in person, you probably know which “side” I tend to lean towards. If not, ask. I’ll be happy to talk about it no matter what your political flavor. Who knows, we might even change each other’s minds about the “other side” if we discussed our opinions like rational people. Conversation leads to understanding, and I think if we all talked more we’d get along better. Ever find yourself pissed at someone, only to clear it up within seconds when you actually talked? It’s kind of like that.

You know what really sucks? A two-party system. Look at other governing bodies that have a number of parties. What do they do? They form coalition governments to manage their respective governments. COALITION. That’s a great word. People of all different flavors getting together and working for a common good. Sure, they still choose sides, but they tend to compromise at least a little bit. Of course, that’s just crazy talk…that’s the kind of shit that doesn’t shut down the government.

No system is perfect, but maybe if we had more than two parties we might not look at everything so black and white. When’s the last time we had a viable third party? About a hundred years?. Sure, there have been a couple that actually got votes in the last century, but not many, and the last time that happened was 1968. It’s only gotten more polarized since then.

Okay, it looks like I went on a tangent there. This is why I don’t discuss politics. Next question…

Q: Did you really have that long hair?

A: Oh, I didn’t just have hair. I had hair

It's real, and it's spectacular...

It’s real, and it’s spectacular…