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January was an interesting month, so let’s leave it at that. Although I don’t have a lot new in the writing department, I do have stories in a couple upcoming anthologies I’d love to share:


Lucky 13, a collection of thirteen tales of crime and mayhem. All deal with luck: some good, some bad. My story “This is Only Going to Hurt” will be in there along a fine group of authors, so if crime/noir is your thing, you’ll want to check this out. Coming soon from Padwolf Publishing and edited by Edward J. McFadden III.

Crime not your thing? What about ghost stories?

Wrapped in White

Wrapped in White, a collection of thirteen tales of spectres, ghosts, and spirits. Good spirits, bad spirits…only thing for sure is they’re all dead. My story “John” will appear along with with yet another outstanding group of authors (I’m damn lucky like that). If you get creeped out by things that go bump in the night, then this will be an anthology for you. Coming soon from Sekhmet Press and edited by Jennifer L. Greene.

What’s still fairly new and available now? Well, have you checked this out yet?

anthology year 2

Anthology Year Two: Inner Demons Out, a collection of stories by participants of Anthocon 2012 (the second year of the conference…hence the name) and released at Anthocon 2013. There are some absolutely incredible stories in here from some great folks who I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with each November in New Hampshire. Published by The Four Horsemen (also the gracious hosts of Anthocon) and edited by Johnny Morse, this is one to read no matter what your flavor. It has something for everyone. FYI: If you haven’t picked this up because you’re an ebook-only reader, have no fear…electronic versions are coming soon!


Q: Why do you sometimes leave reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, but other times just on Goodreads?

A: Great question, worthy of a lengthy response. You may have heard that authors are not “allowed” to review books on Amazon. This came out after discoveries that some authors have been writing and/or paying for fake reviews as well as writing extremely negative reviews for the competition (aka other authors).

According to Amazon, they “ask that authors do not submit Customer Reviews for books that are of similar content or subject.” That doesn’t mean authors can’t write reviews, but it’s pretty clear that they frown upon ones in the same genre. I think that’s just crazy, because who better to review something than a peer? Sound familiar? Ever heard of peer reviewed journals and articles? If not, go ahead and google it. Actually, let me do it for you, courtesy of our friends at Merriam-Webster.

When articles are published in a scientific or medical journal, are they not peer-reviewed?  The most respected ones are. Think of an author review as a peer review. Besides, authors are readers.  Name another group of people who are more voracious readers than authors.  Okay, now name one whose job isn’t reading (editors, publishers, librarians, etc.). My point is, the people who read the most should be considered most qualified to review similar work.

However, I don’t work at Amazon, so I’m trying to play by the rules…sort of. I now leave reviews on Amazon only for books I’ve purchased on Amazon. I figure if they know I bought it from them, they should leave my review alone. There are plenty of books I’ve bought in real live bookstores, at events, and at competing ebook sellers such as Smashwords, Kobo, and B&N. For those books, I’ll leave my review on Goodreads. That should keep the review police off me…