I’ve mentioned this a few times on Facebook, but it’s never a bad idea to mention it again!

The very cool Armand Rosamilia is collecting author-signed books to send overseas for troops who don’t have easy access to new reading material. At last count, 136 authors (myself included) sent in 1,136 books, and the event is still going on until April. With such a huge amount to send, Armand is looking for new contacts in forward-deployed areas (such as Afghanistan and Kuwait). For specifics, check out his recent blog:


While you’re there, you can also follow the link to grab a super-cool shirt if you’re so inclined. The funds raised will help offset the cost of mailing everything overseas. I don’t know about you, but I’ve no idea how much 1,000+ books is going to cost to send to the desert…I’m guessing a lot.