Hiya, folks…and welcome to Pre-Summer!



Uhh, no. Pre-Summer…Pre-SUMMER…not–well, never mind.

So the semester is over, and it turns out there’s a bit more to culinary school than showing up to cook for a couple hours before heading home to drink bourbon and write all night. Who knew?


Since I’m now out of work AND out of school, I get a WHOLE FREAKING MONTH OFF before family responsibilities return (i.e. kids get out of school). What do I do? Well, besides the mile-long “around-the-house to-do” list, I thought I might catch up on some delayed writing goals. In face, I’m so far behind that I’m not even going to go through them all…it would just be embarrassing.

Still Awkward...

Still Awkward…

Would you please cut that out???

Thank you. One of my goals was to write at least 1 short story per month. In January I finished “Exactly The Way It Was Supposed To Be” but then for February-May…not so much. That means I’m behind by 4 stories. Thankfully, I’m almost done the one with the witch, the one at work, and the one about bugs. I’ll have them done within a week (they’re all at the cleanup stage). That means in the next month I have to crank out a minimum of 2 new shorts (for May and June, of course). I have notes scratched out for plenty more than that, so I’m fairly confident in this. Ideally, I’ll be able to get ahead so I don’t fall behind again when school starts back up in August. We’ll see about that one.

Next goal is to finish Celery Hand Duran. It’s so damn close, I don’t know why I’m not done. Well, actually I do, because I already mentioned it. I might even finish Return to Camp Hollybrook. It’s half done already, so who knows?

Final goal (hey, it’s only a month!) is to FINISH EDITING THE FUCKING SUBMARINE NOVEL!!!!!!! Hey, you want to see something? Check this out. I found one of my old green books while cleaning my home office the other day. Here’s page 1:

Yes, I can actually read it.

Yes, I can actually read it…but just barely.

Know what that is? That’s the original submarine novel outline I drafted while out to sea on the USS Alexandria…in 2007. Sure, I didn’t actually start writing the book until I was done with Stripped, and then Camp Hollybrook jumped in and took over for a while, but still…the second draft has been done for over a year now. I guess it’s time to get hot.

No, there are others...sometimes they're pretty damn gross though.

No, there are others…sometimes they’re pretty damn gross though.

Anyway, a bonus goal is to finally post reviews for the books I’ve read in the past few months. I think I’m behind by like 10 books, so I’m going to post this now and get to it. Knowing how important reviews are, there’s no time like the present…

And don’t forget Lucky 13 is coming out soon, so keep your eyes open for the announcement. Same bat time, same bat channel!