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So here we are, more than half way through 2014. When I was younger, a year seemed like a lifetime. Now, I blink and I missed a few months. Such is getting old…

First off, an update: my much talked-about (by me) violent bigfoot novella Camp Hollybrook has found a home at Damnation Books (publisher of the very cool Hairy Bromance by T. L. Barrett, which I reviewed here, and the upcoming Salpsan by Robert Essig, whose Through The In Between, Hell Awaits I reviewed here). Now all I want to do is get back to work on Return to Camp Hollybrook, but I’ll talk about focusing later… I’ll be sharing details and cover as they come up, so hooray for that!

Also, I have two short stories in the upcoming 22 Lies By 44 Authors from Post Mortem Press.Do you see? Those pants are literally on fire.

It’s a collection of flash fiction by members of the Post Mortem Press family and boasts an impressive table of contents, including my stories Therapy and A Man In A Room. I’m really looking forward to this, as one of the stories is about a man named Cappy that I hope you like reading as much as I enjoyed writing.

Anyway, after working on over a dozen separate projects at the same time (3 novels, 4 novellas, and lots of short stories) I’ve decided it’s time to focus. For me to focus I have to write it down, so here it is:


Sorry about the yelling, but I’ve been talking about this longer than I’ve been talking about Camp Hollybrook, so..seriously. Get it done. I was on track to have it done this week, but then the Camp Hollybrook contract came in so I shifted gears to a contract/pre-marketing mindset. I’m back to editing as of today, so I plan to have it done and out to beta readers next week.

2) Finish Celery Hand Duran.

This is a novella I’ve been off and on working on. It’s a bizarro story that’s a lot of fun, now I just need to finish it. Once done, I’ll let it marinate for a few months before pre-beta edits, so that won’t see light until 2015 at the earliest, probably 2016. Yeah, I’m slow like that.

3) Complete final edits on The One With Phil and The One At Work

These are a pair of short stories I’ve been working on for a while and just haven’t polished them quite enough yet. They’re marinating right now, so by the time I get back to them they should be ready for a final once-through. Then, it’s out to the world. And before you ask: no, that’s not their real titles. I don’t have titles for most works in-progress, so I tend to name them like Friends episodes.

4) Climb Mount Next-Novel

I’ve got two other novels plotted out with pages of notes for each. I have to figure out which is next, but one is going to be first-drafted by the end of the year…even if it means I don’t sleep until 2015. I’m on it.

So there it is, my focused plan of no-distraction for the rest of 2014. As much as it pains me, I need to ignore everything else I’ve been working on, even the new ideas that have popped in my head and screamed WRITE ME NOW OR I WILL FUCK WITH YOUR HEAD AND MAKE YOUR BRAIN BLEED.

Every "brain bleeding" image was depressing, so here's a pair of kittens!

Every “bleeding brain” image was depressing, so here’s a pair of kittens!

Okay, they may not be quite that aggressive, but they do have a habit of invading other stories if I leave them alone for too long. After all, that’s how Duran ended up in the submarine book (unless I edit him out…shh! don’t tell him! He’d be sooooooo pissed)…