Hello friends, and welcome to my annual self-serving dose of authorly goals! This year I have some big ideas (nothing new there) but want to stay at least moderately realistic (boo, hiss). Since I don’t have a hoverboard yet, I might as well list my goals for 2015:

Take all the shorts that are currently collecting virtual dust and send them on their way.

I have a dozen or so short stories that have been done for a while, but I’ve been so focused on the submarine novel that my short work has been in a kind of limbo. I need to fix that. I already started by polishing and sending off a couple stories, and last night I finished one that has been waiting for its final edit since July (Google is nice enough to tell me exactly the last date I touched my stories…it’s both super helpful and painfully annoying). I have two more that are waiting for final edits, and the rest I just need to give a once-over before setting them loose. This I will do in January.

Along with that, write more shorts.

I have quite a few short ideas jotted down, so why the hell not just write them? Oh yeah, that time thing that keeps messing with me. Well, they don’t take as long as novels, so I should get hot.

Finish BOTH of the novellas that are half done.

I have two that are at about the midway point, one a bizarro story and one the sequel to Camp Hollybrook. They’re each looking like they’ll end up around 25k words, so there’s absolutely no reason they shouldn’t’ both be done this year.

Finish the haunted house novel.

This one has been waiting patiently in the wings, but I’ve been thinking a lot about it recently. I have pages and pages of notes and I think once I start on this it’ll just fly from my fingers. After all, who doesn’t love a haunted house story…

Do more events.

I love events, and this year I’ll have Camp Hollybrook to promote as well as Stripped and Tales From The Underground. I’m definitely going to Anthocon again, and if you’re in the northeast (or even if you’re not) it’s a great conference to attend. This will be my third year, and I keep going back because it’s just as awesome as the folks who attend. I’m also planning on CT Horrorfest again, as last year was an absolute blast. I’ll be eyeballing a few others as the year goes by.

Do more cool stuff here.

I’d like to make more use of my little chunk of the internet, and since my most popular posts last year were guest posts and blog tour hosting, I think doing more of that is a great idea. It’s a lot of fun and opens both the guest and the host (me) to new readers. That right there is one of those win-win things folks are always talking about.

Record some of the songs I‘ve been fiddling with.

Yes, this is not “writing” writing, but writing music is something I’ve been doing since high school. Now that I have a complete home studio, I really have no excuse not to make it useful. Plus it’s damn fun.

That about does it, yeah? Well, except for the no-brainer goal of getting some of the things I’m talking about actually published. I plan to copyedit Under a Sea of Red Foam (aka “the submarine novel”) this month and I’m already working on the synopsis. It’d be great to find it a home this year. I’m obviously hoping to find homes for at least a few of the short stories I’m sending out, and if one of the novellas wraps quickly I might be in a position to send that out as well. Who know, 2015 might be a good year for me. For now, it’s back to digging through these short stories. I’ve got a particularly gruesome one waiting for me just a tab over from here. I should pay attention to it now…it’s got claws.