Want to help me decide what book I write next? Read on!

So I’ve been keeping busy. For those keeping track, I had wanted to have Celery Hand Duran done by the end of February. I didn’t make it, but I don’t care because writing goals are like throwing darts…as long as I’m somewhere in there, I’m happy. Since I finished CHD this past Saturday, I am happy. Of course, now I’m faced with another dilemma: what the hell do I work on next?

I’ve let short stories kind of take a back seat these past couple months for two reasons: first, they don’t sell well. That doesn’t mean I’m money-hungry, as most folks aren’t going to pay the mortgage with short stories alone, it just means that they’re not selling well in the grand scheme of things. A number of publishers are minimizing their number of short story anthologies/singles or cutting them out altogether. Why? Because I’ve heard from more than a few publisher-types that they’re just not selling well. If they’re not selling well, that probably means folks just aren’t super interested in reading them right now. There’s that “grand scheme of things” I was talking about.

The second reason is: I’ve wanted to focus on longer works that have been waiting patiently in the wings. Two that have been pending for too long are now done: the final draft of the horror novel Under A Sea Of Red Foam was finished in January (currently still working on the synopsis/query headache) and as I mentioned the bizarro novella Celery Hand Duran was finished this past weekend (now marinating in prep for edits).

I have dozens of short stories lying around, but I’ve been pretty much ignoring them. I have quite a few longer works in various stages of development, and since I’m kind of on a roll I want to keep that going. But what to work on first? I want to do them all, but that’s clearly not realistic. That’s where you come in….

Below are the books that are most vividly bouncing around in my giant cobwebbed head. Which would you be most interested in reading?  If you’ve read any of my work, you know I lean towards violence, profanity, and often a bit of humor. If you’ve never read my work, I promise I don’t hate you! I’d still love your opinion. I’m not posting details, because they are subject to change (as they always do). I almost never have titles until I’m done (except for Return To Camp Hollybrook, because it’s clearly the sequel to the upcoming Camp Hollybrook.). Since my working titles are generally “The One About The…” (except for Samuel & Connie, the working title for a zombie/apoc continuation story of two characters from Tales), you should get an idea of what the books will be about.

With that, here are the options (with planned length if already plotted/known, which is of course subject to change):

Those are the ones that are solid in my head right now. Yes, I have more than 10 books floating around in my head. Why do you think I can’t concentrate on one thing for too long? Wait, is that something shiny???

Anyway, I’m sure if I sat down and thought about it I could list some other ideas I’ve been wanting to write (I’ve got scraps of paper all over with little nuggets of ideas), but I don’t want to fill my brain with even more stuff until I work out some of the ones already in there. As it is, It’s like a jungle gym in there, you dig?

I’m going to take the next couple weeks to polish the Red Foam query/synopsis (GRR!), and if I have a little time I might send out a short story or two (I do still like short stories!). By April, I will be working on whatever book comes next. I don’t know what exactly that will be, but with your help it just might be the one you suggest.

Thanks in advance!