Yes yes, we’ve been through this before. Many times. I hate summer. Moving on….

Speaking of summer, the first (and so far only) book I’ve written that’s actually set in summer was just released for Kindle this past weekend! After years of delay, the Bigfoot novella Camp Hollybrook has finally seen the light of day. It’s available here and is even free for you Kindle Unlimited-types.

“A gory, fun-filled creature feature romp. There’s nothing pretentious about this one—just enjoy the splattery ride!” -- Jeff Strand, author of DWELLER

“A gory, fun-filled creature feature romp. There’s nothing pretentious about this one—just enjoy the splattery ride!” — Jeff Strand, author of DWELLER

I’m really happy to have this book finally published, as I had a great time writing it. It’s set in South Jersey (where I grew up), and although it really could be set anywhere, I based it loosely on a summer camp my brother and I used to go to each year. I say loosely, because there wasn’t as much bloody dismemberment, nor was there a Bigfoot. At least I don’t think there was. Not that I remember. But there was an awful lot of woods….

That’s also why it’s set in summer. Summer camp is pretty empty in the winter, yeah? Still, even writing the thing made me sweat. That big ball of fire in the sky is a real bitch, am I right? Anyway, if you’re into Bigfoot and hungover camp counselors and blood and…dead counselors and…uhh…woods? How about this: check it out if you’re looking for a bloody good laugh. Then, if you’re so inclined, leave me a review. Reviews are to writers what stickers are to 2-year-olds. We just can’t get enough.

Oh yeah. For the record, the lengthy delay were due in no small part due to a huge challenge with the original publisher…a challenge that started in August 2014 and finally ended a couple months ago when I bought my way out of the contract. I’m not here to bad-mouth them, because that’s not my style. Of course, if you’ve read any of my posts over the past 2 years you’ve no doubt read the name(s) of the publisher(s) in question.

With that being stated, if you ever consider submitting to this group, please Google them first (with both names). There are plenty of other folks online who are happy to be less diplomatic than I am. Yes, sometimes I get a nosebleed from taking the high road, but that’s just me. However, I can honestly say a deeper search than the cursory one I performed in the summer of 2014 would have saved me 2 years of frustration.

Tl;dr – Just. Don’t.

Enough about that crap, it’s not worth your time or my space.

I’ve started getting busy with future projects I’d like to share. You may remember me on occasion mentioning Celery Hand Duran? You know, the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever written? Well it’s done and edited and currently in formatting. With time for tweaking and finishing the cover, I’m guessing an October or November release. More to come as we get closer.

Celery and blood...blood and celery.

Celery and blood…blood and celery. And maybe some semen.

I’m also working on sequels to both Camp Hollybrook and Celery Hand Duran. With both books being novellas, I don’t like the formatting or price point necessary for print editions. Since I’d already written outlines, I figure I’ll get them both done first, then publish double-feature print copies of CH/CH2 and CHD/CHD2. That means, for now, Kindle versions only. If I can have a productive enough fall/winter, sequels and print versions will be out next year.

I’ve got a few other projects in the works (as always), including a final (FINAL) edit on the submarine novel I thought I had finished last year. I’m also trying to balance my time between work, writing, and a new project I’ve started working on.

I'm gonna get yelled at for making such a mess, but at least it's quiet!

I’m gonna get yelled at for making such a mess!

This will take a while, but I’ve started recording scratch tracks for a full album of material. Between recording, mixing, and mastering, I’m just going to say “sometime in 2017”.

That’s it for now, but stay tuned for updates. Enjoy the rest of your summer!