Greetings Internet!

Happy October,I hope your autumn has been just lovely so far. I’ve been pretty busy enjoying the weather and getting some new things done. But, let’s start with a plug for Camp Hollybrook:

CH Cover

“A gory, fun-filled creature feature romp. There’s nothing pretentious about this one—just enjoy the splattery ride!” — Jeff Strand, author of DWELLER

Have you read it? Amazon tells me quite a few of you have, but to date there’s only one review. Big thanks to the reviewer, but if you have a few seconds I’d love it if you’d leave one as well. It means way more to indie authors than you could imagine. Unless of course you’re an indie author. Then you get it. Much love.

If you haven’t read it, check it out! There’s camping, swimming, hiking, butts, and a Bigfoot on a murderous rampage. What’s not to love? It’s available for Kindle and Kindle Unlimited. Oh yeah, it’s kind of funny too. In a sick sort of way. Like me. Ahem….

Speaking of funny:


Celery Hand Duran is edited and formatted, the cover will be revealed next week, and it will be released October 28th. That’s coming up soon! Celery Hand Duran is easily the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever written. That’s even the first blurb I received!

“Easily the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever written.” — the author

It’s my first bizarro book and I’m really looking forward to releasing Duran on an unsuspecting world. I just hope the world is ready for him…. More info next week when I post the cover.

In other news, I have a new novella finished (told you I’ve been busy!). I’m pretty excited because it marks my return to reality-based horror in the vein of Stripped. There’s no monsters, magic, beasties, or vicious vegetables. Just people. Bad people. And guns. Lots of them. And a bank. Well, what’s left of one. And of course profanity. Because you know…


As-yet untitled, I’ll have more info on this novella soon.  

Shifting gears a bit: Things are moving along on my music project. I’ve got scratch tracks for 15 original songs, but I’m shooting to narrow that down to 10-12, depending on time. That may also include one cover, I’m not sure yet. I’ll figure that out when everything is recorded and I pick the final set.


Once I’m done editing the new novella I’m going to start tracking drums and move on from there. I may post a snippet here for fun, who knows? I’m really hoping for a spring 2017 release, so it’s going to be a busy winter. More to follow on that.


That’s all the news for now, check me next week for the Celery Hand Duran cover, and don’t be scared to pick it up on the 28th!