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Greetings Internet! For a few years now I’ve been talking about this mysterious “submarine novel” that one day would actually be done and published…Well guess what? It is.


I am more than pleased to present Under a Sea of Red Foam:

When the nuclear submarine USS Alexandria crashes into the destroyer INS Lahore, the collision nearly brings both ships to the bottom of the Red Sea. The crew save their submarine, but find a derelict destroyer with a lone survivor, piles of bodies, and a tale they can barely comprehend. Petty Officer Rodriguez must work with Lahore survivor Dinesh as they head for a mysterious island hidden in the middle of nowhere that draws the submarine to its shores. They must survive long enough to explore the island, discover its deepest darkest secrets, and hope there are enough sailors left to somehow escape with their lives … and their sanity.

Under a Sea of Red Foam is available in paperback and Kindle. It’s published by the folks at Severed Press, who publish all manner of monsters, dinosaurs, military, sci-fi and apocalyptic fiction. Check out their website. I’m certain you’ll find something that makes you think Damn, I need to read that.

Oh yeah, and I should probably warn you. I spent 12 years in the US submarine service, and the saying “curse like a sailor” is more than just a saying. I wrote the dialogue just like we used to talk to each other, so if you’re easily offended…well let’s just say “fuck” is in there 354 times. And there’s plenty of mom jokes. Because mom jokes never go out of style….

And in case my obvious links weren’t obvious enough, you can buy it here: CLICK ME!