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Meet Duran. Duran’s a dick. He’s a self-absorbed asshole who’s hated for humanity is balanced only by his love of pornography. Also, one of his hands is made of celery. Not just any celery, but a mutated-yet-functional growth that gives him a telepathic link to celery. All celery, even the Vegemasters, a vegetable army that works for The Mother; and army that is set on destroying anything that doesn’t come from the ground. With the help of the Vegetable Annihilation Group (V.A.G.) and many (many!) hours of masturbation, hopefully Duran will be “up” to the task.

Advance praise for Celery Hand Duran:
“Easily the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever written” – The Author
“What the hell is wrong with you?” – The Trusted Reader
“Dear God, why?” – The Editor

Celery Hand Duran is available for Kindle and Kindle Unlimited

CH Cover

“A gory, fun-filled creature feature romp. There’s nothing pretentious about this one—just enjoy the splattery ride!” — Jeff Strand, author of DWELLER

Terrance knows being a camp counselor kind of sucks – certainly not a job you’d want to lose your head over. When he takes another stupid Bigfoot report, he tries to blow the whole thing off. However, when the body parts pile up, he has no choice but to check things out.
Bernard may be the boss, but he’s no help; he’s even more hungover than Terrance. The police show up but are more interested in taking notes than anything else.
The only person Terrance can rely on is Alice. With her help, he searches the woods around the camp to once and for all answer everyone’s question:
What, if anything, stalks the woods behind Camp Hollybrook?

Camp Hollybrook is available for Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.

More guns, less dancing!


Imprisoned in a remote house in the deep woods, Paula escapes only to finds herself at Cappy’s Joint, an out-of-the-way strip club where the dancers work to pay off family debts and are forced to live in near inhuman conditions.

Stripped of her freedom, dignity, and nearly her life, Paula must face her past before she can reclaim her future.

“couldn’t put it down…gritty storytelling, violence…not for the young at heart” 

“a harrowing journey into the degenerate underworld of society…brutal and disturbing” 

Stripped is available in paperback, Kindle, Nook, and other electronic versions via Smashwords.

print version

Fifteen tales of terror from g. Elmer Munson. Tales of twisted humans, vengeful pets, haunting spirits, underwater horror, and the end of the world. Includes the short stories:


Blank White – How far will Paul go to get his next book written?

Jackson and the Nothing – Something is trying to force its way into Jackson’s world…again.

Thunder – Sometimes, that stray cat is better left a stray.

It’s a Trap – Why, yes it is.

Bad Cop – Not all traffic stops are routine.

Through the Window – Sometimes the monsters are real.

Sarge – Robbie doesn’t need to be afraid of a toy. Does he?

Lovely Lea – When things get back to normal, Samuel is going to have a lot of work to do. If things get back to normal…

Hanging With Jack – He’ll show her. This time.

Bimini Underground – Come on in the water, the coral is fine. Feel free to explore.

Screamer – If you’re gonna go, might as well go screaming.

The Last Tower – Two men, one tower, thousands of zombies and not enough ammo.

Gaming – Even the dead like to play, especially when there’s a reward.

The Doomed Man – Doomed to watch, not to play.

From the Bottom of Mirror Lake – Just because they go to the bottom doesn’t mean they have to stay there. 

Fifteen tales of terror. Fifteen Tales From The Underground.

Tales From The Underground is available in paperback and a 3-volume Kindle series (Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3-Z).

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